Monday, September 28, 2009

Tags for Photobucket Pictures

   I have hundreds (may be thousands?))) photos uploaded to Photobucket, they are in proper albums, but I never cared to provide them with tags. And now I started that long and boring job. But I think it should be done, if not for somebody else, then just for me.
   So I spend most of my time now at the computer, searcing Web for crewing agencies and shipping companies, filling in and sending application forms, looking for some other job opportunities, and, now, arranging my pictures.

   One of my pictures.  Riga


Saturday, September 26, 2009

I need job

     I signed off from my last vessel in June of 2008. And it was interesting time since then. I traveled by hitch-hiking to Spain through Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, GermanySwitzerland and France.
     After that I went to Egypt and joined Phoenicia Expedition. Plans were to circumnavigate African Continent, but unfortunately due to some troubles with rudders and other technical reasons and delays, time and favorable weather were lost, and we reached just Hodeidah (Yemen).
     I  returned home, stayed there several months searching for job. But come summer, my back was itching for backpack and in July I left Riga for new hitch-hiking travel to Spain. In Spain one month I worked as volunteer at Flores de Vida and first intentions were to continue adventure. But I left some things to settle back home. And I am still not ready to go around the world just with few dollars in the pocket. )))
     So here I am. Back in Riga and again searching for job. So if you own merchant cargo ship and need experienced Navigator - just try me ;-)))
And having much time now I was browsing Web. It would be the best solution for traveler to have some income through job-on-line. I dropped away all gambling immediately - it is not for me. So far the best suitable looks affiliate marketing. There are many crooks offer "overnight-get-the-rich" programs. But you have to pay  them first - so be cautious.
     In short, I registered in SFI. It is free with great information and support. They use some points to encourage members - it looks as some kind of game. At the moment I have not earned any money yet, but  have not spent any too. And I got some useful information and ideas. This blog, at least partly, also is result of my interest in trying to make some money through Internet.
    Let see what comes next.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I am back home. Resting from my last travel, looking for job and having time to think, to change some things in my life and to start something new. One of such new things is starting this blog. First of all it is for me and about me. It is easier to sort out thoughts if they are written and to understand myself. And if somebody read my blog (I hope  so), it helps even more. I will try to write also about some things which are interesting to me and may be interesting to somebody else. And it is good opportunity to improve my English, so if you read me and see any mistakes, please let me know.
I was born in Russia. It was called USSR that time (for young people it is ancient history already). I live in Latvia and it is my country now.

Riga, Latvia.