Thursday, March 31, 2011

Macedonia. Struga - Vevcani.

Struga is located on the north-western shore of Ohrid Lake at the place where river Black Drin starts.

Luda had a swim in the cold water of the lake.
From Struga we went bu local bus to Vevcani (Vevchani) village.
Lonely Planet guide:
"Vevcani is a Christian village surrounded by Muslim villages 14 km northwest of Struga. In the early 1990s, its residents declared independence with its own flag, passports and currency. The push for independence began in 1987, when the goverment planned to tap Vevcani's springs and pipe water to Struga.The villagers built barricades, and after several weeks of violent protests the goverment backed off..."

The valley with springs is the most beautiful place around Vevcani.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Macedonia. Ohrid

Main attraction of Ohrid - it is lake. It is 5 million years old, the oldest in Balkans and one of the oldest of the world. It is about 300 meters deep.
We found boat named Victory (to be frank - her owner-captain found us) and had a look at Ohrid from the lake side.

More pictures of Ohrid and around:

Monday, March 28, 2011

Macedonia. Skopje

In Skopje we have whole family of CS friends - Vasko, Ana and little Istok. Vasko and Ana produce homemade jewelry and sell it from the street stand and Istok goes to kindergarden, plays and watches cartoons.
It was warm sunny Saturday, rash time for street venors, and Vasko met us at his working place - Square of Macedonia in the center of Skopje. We left our backpacks at his stand and went to explore the city.

In the evening we had dinner in Vasko's place with traditional shot of rakiya, interesting talking and making plans for Macedonian part of our travel.
And next morning we were on our way south - to Ohrid.

(to be continued)...